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College Learning and Living: The importance of stretching beyond our comfort zone

Fishing is a popular pastime in my family and has become my favorite way to spend free time as an adult. There are many expressions and phrases that I have heard over the years related to fishing. However, there is one that I use regularly today both on and off the water: “You can’t catch a fish if you don’t put a line in the water.”

New Summer Program Helps Students Prep for College

The College Readiness Program Emphasizes Academic and Life Skills Development Mansfield Hall, a Burlington (Vermont) college assistance and residential program for students with learning challenges, mild autism, and other conditions, has launched a comprehensive eight-week summer program for students with college aspirations and entering college freshmen who are looking for an intensive college prep program…. Read more »

Mansfield Hall Welcomes Jasmine Lamb as Program Director

We are happy to announce the addition of Jasmine Lamb to our team as program director. Jasmine thrives when working with organizations that foster community, learning, and personal growth, which made her a perfect addition! As program director Jasmine will oversee day-to-day operations of Mansfield Hall and work closely with staff to provide an integrated… Read more »

Anchoring Social Skills in the Real World: Authentic College Support Program

Most would agree that the earliest institutions of education were in the form of apprenticeships. The Master Carpenter would take on a student and teach them how to construct buildings through on the job training. The student would learn math, science, physics, and business while actually doing it. Indeed, our schooling systems still rely heavily… Read more »

Mansfield Hall Welcomes Educational Specialist Megan Magnanelli

We are pleased to introduce Megan Magnanelli as our educational specialist. In her role, Megan will work closely with our educational director to provide students with individualized academic support and communicate with appropriate college staff and departments as needed. Before joining Mansfield Hall, she worked in the public school system as a teacher and as… Read more »

Mansfield Hall Welcomes Tim Rich as Educational Director

We are pleased to announce that Tim Rich, MEd, has joined our team as educational director. In his role, Tim will work directly with students to develop their learning goals and plans and will meet with them regularly to review their progress in their academic studies. He brings several years of experience working in secondary… Read more »

Mansfield Hall Opens: College support programs begin this June

Mansfield Hall, a college assistance and residential program for students with learning disabilities, mild autism, and other conditions, will open its doors for the first time in June 2013. Mansfield Hall provides individualized training and skills development to help students not only flourish academically at the many nearby colleges in Burlington, Vermont, but also to… Read more »