Heather Washburn, M.A.

Heather holds a strong passion to explore, express, and experience life to its fullest. She believes in building communities and empowering others to live life to their fullest potential as well. Heather enjoys an active lifestyle, music, and anything outdoors. Some of her favorite hobbies include hiking, playing field hockey, running, and yoga. She loves traveling, which allows her to expand her life view through experiencing different cultures. Heather received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut, not far from where she grew up. In 2009 she moved to Burlington, Vermont to begin working towards her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Saint Michael’s College. Over the years, her professional orientation has been informed by multiple therapeutic theories and practices, including humanistic therapy, psychodynamic theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Heather has worked in the community mental health field for the past seven years in a number of roles. Much of her background and experience has been in residential/ milieu settings, most recently working as a crisis clinician at a hospital diversion program for children experiencing acute mental health crisis.  Her work is relational in nature with an emphasis on empathy and trust. Additionally, through personal yoga practices and beliefs, she enjoys incorporating mindfulness and positivity into her professional practices as well.