Mansfield Hall is an innovative college support program and living and learning community for students with disabilities, who with additional individualized support, have the academic potential to be successful in college.

Mansfield Hall’s mission is to build a community that empowers and supports students with diverse learning needs to earn a college degree, develop authentic living skills, and create a meaningful life.

Mansfield Hall is designed to support students with social communication challenges, executive functioning deficits, ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, and mild autism. If you, or your child, would like to learn more about how Mansfield Hall can support diverse learners move toward independence and college success, please review this site and call us to speak to an Admissions Representative.

Guiding Principles

We help students reach their true potential and realize their ultimate goals by developing a customized plan based on our four core approach:

Learning. Living. Giving. Engaging.

While learning at the local colleges, living in a supported and integrated environment, giving back to others, and engaging in the community, we believe that our students will be better prepared for, and more successful in, today’s world.


Eugene, Oregon

A laid-back and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

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Mansfield Hall - Madison

Madison, Wisconsin

A beautiful, thriving city full of educational and civic opportunities.

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Mansfield Hall - Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

Located on the shores of Beautiful Lake Champlain and home to numerous colleges and universities.

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A Case For Integrated Case Management Many diverse learners have been well-served by the recent proliferation of on-campus and embedded support programs.  They exist in both traditional and specialized colleges, and they provide a wide range of additional supports and services.  Some are a fee-for-service model, some require an alternate application process, and many provide… Read more »

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What People Say

The point of growing up is to get better. What you need to do to get better is to get help when you need it and have it available when you don’t need it. And that is exactly what Mansfield Hall is.

Mansfield Hall has the formula we have been looking for. Mansfield Hall has provided our family the unique ability to launch our son into the world of independence with confidence and ease on his part and on ours.

Thank you for doing such great work with our son. He came home a new man this break. It’s was great to see him communicating with the family better than ever.

The staff at Mansfield Hall are very caring and committed to our son. Their knowledge and insights are wonderful. Their commitment to the students at Mansfield Hall is reflected in the progress we’ve seen in our son in the short time he’s been there. He is happy, has friends, and believes in himself!

You find parts of yourself here, that you forgot or didn’t know were there.

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