College-aged students with neurodiversity can enjoy all of the fun experiences at college like their peers while still building executive functioning skills, forming positive social and personal relationships, and receiving academic support. Neurodiversity in college may look different, but student outcomes can be remarkable. 

At Mansfield Hall, we focus on creating a safe and inclusive environment for students with neurodiversity. Students with neurodiversity can enjoy college life while learning tools to navigate the college experience. Our students are not expected to know what they want to do when they attend college. We’re here to bridge the gap between living at home and adjusting to college life.   

We recently interviewed our staff and students to ask them about their experiences at our Eugene, Oregon, campus. Here’s what they said: 

How Eugene, Oregon embraces neurodiversity in college

Eugene, Oregon, is one of the most inclusive college towns in the U.S. for individuals with neurodiversity. Mansfield Hall partners with the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, and Bushnell University campuses. Together, we create options for students with neurodiversity to attend and thrive in their academic pursuits. 

“There’s not an expectation for you to have everything figured out once you get here,” said Tre’Von Robinson, Mansfield Hall Admissions Counselor – Eugene Campus. “There are people both here at Mansfield and on your college campus that want to support you and want to be there for you because they want to see you succeed. I think it is really powerful.” 

If the student is unsure about what degree to pursue or how to juggle college life, our counselors and teams work with our students’ universities and colleges to create a network of support and resources. 

“There are so many of us who have these dreams, but we need a little help,” said Xander, one of our Mansfield Hall students and a University of Oregon student. “Independence is kind of that thing where we’re raised knowing we’ll have to have it at some point. And a lot of us graduate high school and go home and don’t feel ready. But now that I’m here, I realize that being independent is great. It’s not as big as it feels. It’s the easiest transition I could have imagined, from living at home to living here. I know that when I leave here, I’m going to be ready to go to college and get my degree and start my life.” 

Finding a supportive community at college makes all the difference

College is meant to be fun, educational, and life-changing. We believe that college is a place for everyone – no matter where a person is in their journey. Finding a supportive community that accepts you for who you are makes all the difference. 

The Mansfield Hall Experience provides students with a built-in community. A community full of individuals who care about you and your unique needs. 

“It’s not every day that you get to step into a space and people genuinely want to know how you’re doing,” said Lily Mason, Mansfield Hall Director of Community Outreach in Eugene. 

From games to daily activities, Mansfield Hall students in Eugene have an automatic support system. Students can go out and explore the gorgeous Pacific Northwest or get help with academic studies. 

“There’s academic and life skills support here, and then we have built-in tutoring, which is great,” said Xander, a U of Oregon student.  “A lot of us here are non-matriculated students, which means we go to the University of Oregon, but we don’t have to apply to be full college students.” 

Positive connections are made every day for neurodiverse populations in Eugene

Eugene is an excellent location for students with neurodiversity because of the solid connections and inclusive initiatives that the surrounding colleges and universities have to offer. 

Mansfield Hall is proud to collaborate with the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, and Bushnell University. Together, we create successful experiences for students with neurodiversity. Neurodiversity in college doesn’t have to be scary or challenging. When you have the right team and support system in place – it’s a blast!
To learn more about our Eugene campus, please reach out! If you have questions about Mansfield Hall, please contact our admissions office. We’d love to chat!