The Super Dorm:

Mansfield Hall is a living and learning community which provides residential, academic, executive functioning, social, and independent living skill support to students who are going to college.

We are not the degree-granting institution, but all of our students are in college.

Located in Burlington, VT, Madison, WI, and Eugene, OR, our students come to us from around the country in order to be a part of our residential community, which provides a comprehensive and holistic support system to facilitate their transition into college and independence.

Located in iconic college towns, Mansfield Hall students can attend any one of our local schools.

Each site offers:

  • A Flagship State University
  • A Community College
  • Private Colleges or Universities

Although they are welcome to pursue a traditional admissions track, students DO NOT need to formally apply to, or be accepted at, our local schools in order to make the Mansfield Hall decision and start out taking real classes, for real credit, right away (this is not auditing!).

We encourage you to explore our website and watch the videos, as well as connect with us to learn more about how we work with students, and local schools, to support a successful college experience.

Mansfield Hall – Empowering Students for Life Video


  • A safe, supportive, and diverse community is the best foundation for our college students to transition into young adulthood.
  • Developing meaningful, positive relationships with students in which we demonstrate our authentic enjoyment of and faith in them creates the optimal conditions for personal, social and intellectual growth and resiliency.
  • Listening closely to students and inviting them into a collaborative planning process, in which we help them identify and meet their own goals, allows for increased mastery of academic and life skills and an empowering experience of autonomy and agency.
  • Appropriate academic and social support will allow students with diverse learning needs to excel in a collegiate environment.
  • Providing a successful and positive collegiate experience to students who would not otherwise have access to this offers them greater life opportunity and creates a richer society.
  • Partnering with parents to support their child’s growth and their own transition into the new role of parenting young adults is key to ongoing healthy family relationships.
  • Building interdependence and connection with peers and community members increases students’ capacity to transition to independent young adults.
  • Encouraging our staff to develop their capacity for self-reflection and pursue professional and personal learning goals increases our effectiveness and joy in the work we do with students.
  • Evidence-based research enhances our ability to work effectively with our community and should inform our strategies and models for supporting students.
  • Creating value, meaning, and community for students, parents, staff and our broader collegiate and local communities enriches our relationships and reflects our mission and vision.