We first opened the doors of Mansfield Hall in Burlington, VT, in the summer of 2013. Since then we have had the pleasure to partner with hundreds of college students on their path to independence, and we opened our second campus in my alma mater of Madison, WI, in 2015. In addition, we are now able to serve students on the west coast, through our location in Eugene, OR, which opened in the summer of 2020.

Mansfield Hall was inspired by my experiences witnessing students exceeding expectations when given the opportunity, and from my belief that every person can realize their true potential if provided a supportive and truly inclusive environment.

As a former college professor I recognized a gap in services for students. Many colleges have support for students with disabilities, but those services are limited to the classroom and only offered in a student-initiated paradigm. Likewise, most post-secondary support programs provide a college-like experience, but they do not offer a clear pathway to an actual degree. 

As a result, students who have college potential, but who also need holistic and active supports in order to be successful, were too-often left to fall through the cracks as they went without the necessary integration of quality services across multiple domains.

River stones stacked up on one another

This is what Mansfield Hall is all about – helping students earn meaningful college degrees and developing the necessary lifestyle skills for independence in a safe, supportive, and caring community.

I believe all students deserve the opportunity to reach for their dreams. At Mansfield Hall, we work to ensure our students have the opportunity to become contributing members of our society and to reach their true potential. Our approach values diversity, inclusiveness, and the integrity of each student. Our multi-faceted, evidence-based program allows students the same opportunity as their fellow classmates to learn, live, give, and engage, so that they can successfully follow their own pathway to independence.

While we have tried to capture the character and complexity of our innovative living and learning community on this website, Mansfield Hall is best-experienced in-person, and we hope you will come visit.

Kindest Regards,

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Dr. Perry LaRoque
President & Founder, Mansfield Hall

Taking Flight Book Cover


Taking Flight

In “Taking Flight: An Insider’s Guide to College for Diverse Learners,” Perry LaRoque has coalesced his gifts as an educator, administrator, and psychologist to create a cohesive, well written, and essential guide for any diverse learner (and their parents/support teams) who seeks higher education.

“This book is useful for youth with disabilities, their families, and educators because it teaches them in a practical enlightening way that they can break down these barriers in their own lives.”

~Alix Generous