Academic Skills

Executive Functioning & Embedded College Support Programs For Students With Asperger’s, ASD, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities

A Case For Integrated Case Management Many diverse learners have been well-served by the recent proliferation of on-campus and embedded support programs.  They exist in both traditional and specialized colleges, and they provide a wide range of additional supports and services.  Some are a fee-for-service model, some require an alternate application process, and many provide… Read more »

College Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Reality check: no one is going to wake you up in college. In fact, your parents are likely at home sipping Bloody Marys discussing how nice it is to have turned your room into the guest room and how relaxing the mornings have become without having to pound on your door repeatedly. Similarly, no matter… Read more »

Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with learning disabilities in class at Mansfield Hall

College should, and can, be a place where all types of students can learn, grow, and thrive – including students with identified learning disabilities and/or learning differences.  Making the transition from home and high school academics to college and independence is a complex transition, and there are some key things that students with learning disabilities… Read more »

Universal Design for Learning: The Metaphorical Ramp to Curricular Content

Teachers in elementary schools, high schools, and college classrooms alike constantly ask themselves similar questions: Why aren’t my students performing well on tests? Why aren’t my students understanding the concepts I am teaching them? Why aren’t my students meeting the requisite benchmarks? What disability does my student have that is preventing them from accessing my… Read more »

If Only College Were As Easy As Calculus: The Only Three Questions That Should Be On A College Entrance Exam

SAT’s, ACT’s, AP Courses, AP Subject Exams, test prep, causes and effects of the Russian Revolution, pythagorean theorems and quadratic equations, mitosis, and Newton’s three laws.  Fully fill in the bubble.  Triple-check the answer sheet.  Re-write the entrance essay – again. This is what we generally think of when it comes to college preparation, and… Read more »

The Graduate Student Perspective: A Summer Internship Experience Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum

Following the completion of my first year in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration graduate program at The University of Vermont, I began a summer internship with Mansfield Hall, an academic and residential support program for students with a variety of learning needs, including high-functioning autism, executive function challenges, and various learning disabilities. Students… Read more »

College and Asperger’s Syndrome: Stress and Learning

Stressed? If you answer “no” to that simple question, you are in the tiny minority of people who are not afflicted by the great epidemic of our time.  All of us feel the weight of responsibilities, the unsettledness of modern life.  At Mansfield Hall, we see it writ large in the everyday lives of our… Read more »

CIP Worldwide and College Living Experience (CLE): How do we differ?

We often get asked how we differ from our friends at CIP Worldwide (College Internship Program) and CLE (College Living Experience). Although we all serve the mission of providing college opportunities, our college support programs differ in some key ways. A requirement for Mansfield Hall students is that they are interested in pursuing a college… Read more »