College is central to the Mansfield Hall experience. All of our students are taking college classes and are engaged in formal post-secondary education.

Academic success in college means a whole lot more than just understanding the quadratic equation or proper MLA-styled footnotes – it also means understanding one’s own learning style, harnessing and honing college-level study and writing skills, and learning how to access and utilize the many resources that are available on a college campus, and in a college town.

Mansfield Hall is designed to support diverse learners and those with identified learning disabilities in making a successful transition into college. Students receive expert executive functioning support, high-quality writing instruction, and consistent coaching – all while engaging in both a supportive community and their own authentic college experience.

Our students can choose to start as a fully-matriculated student by applying to, and being accepted at, one of the local institutions, or they can choose to start out college as a non-matriculated student – but still take the same courses, for transferrable credit, as any other student.

As a result, students do not need to apply to college in order to start taking classes at Mansfield Hall.

With a variety of colleges and universities to choose from, locations in iconic college towns across the country, and expert academic support available within a comprehensive residential community, Mansfield Hall is ready to support your student’s transition to college.

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