Succeeding in College with ADHD and Executive Functioning Challenges

Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) refers to a person’s challenges with developing and utilizing their executive functioning skills. Executive functioning includes all of the processes required for learning, such as organization, time management, metacognition, and self-regulation.

ADHD in college can greatly increase a student’s likelihood for failure, as the paradigm for content delivery, demonstrating learning, and the multiple demands of social engagement and independent living, can be a perfect storm for students with ADHD and/or challenges with Executive Functioning. Indeed, college is the first time in many student’s life where they are solely responsible for not only managing their day to day life, but also a complex college educational system.

At Mansfield Hall, we recognize that managing ADHD, or other executive functioning challenges, can significantly inhibit someone’s potential for learning. Unfortunately, few, if any, colleges for students with ADHD exist and even the best colleges for students with ADHD often still fall short of addressing a student’s comprehensive needs across multiple domains.

Mansfield Hall carefully examines how a student’s executive functioning challenges impacts each of their four core domains- learning, living, giving, and engaging. Then, through personal goal-setting and staff support, students build plans to accommodate their challenges and develop compensatory skills and strategies that can be used across all domains.

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