Succeeding in College with an Asperger’s, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), or PDD-NOS, NLD, or NVLD Diagnosis

Many students who attend Mansfield Hall arrive with various labels, such Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder (ASD, Level I), social communication disorder, nonverbal learning disability, or PDD-NOS. Often times, we are asked how we uniquely approach each of these labels.

Although there are variations within each classification our response is that we work with people, not labels.

These diagnoses share commonalities that require a holistic approach to addressing a student’s needs in college. Social challenges, difficulty with perspective-taking, and diverse learning needs require an approach that addresses much more than just academics, and thus our four-core approach evaluates and proactively addresses how these various characteristics can impact a student’s success. 

When providing support and accommodations for students with autism or social communication challenges it is critical to address these challenges across all domains. Unfortunately, there is no Asperger’s College or college for students with Autism – and even the best colleges for students with Asperger’s still are not able to properly address all of the domains necessary for success. Colleges with autism support programs must not only address a student’s academic needs, but also their social engagement, independent living skills, and vocational skills. Asperger’s and college success can go hand in hand, as long as the impact of these characteristics on a student’s learning and living environment are carefully, intentionally, and explicitly addressed. 

Succeeding in college with Asperger’s syndrome can be challenging. Thus, Mansfield Hall’s comprehensive transition programs for students with autism and other related disabilities address the holistic needs for our students and individualizes student plans based on evidence-based practices. Mansfield Hall carefully evaluates and interprets information from assessments, interviews, and other helpful diagnostic tools to tailor the program to fit each student’s unique needs. 

Please contact Mansfield Hall to learn more about how we support students in making a successful transition to college and independent living.