Yes. And No. And Yes!

Traditionally, a Gap Year is a year of experiential learning, generally after high school and before college, focused on building a student’s skills and self awareness.

The most traditional Gap Year experience is also explicitly non-academic – but the focus is still on growth, learning, and personal development.

We find that many students choose to utilize Mansfield Hall as an intentional “Academic Gap Year” as a way to build confidence by practicing and internalizing the specific skills of college success – in an authentic-yet-supported collegiate setting – before choosing to attend their college of choice.

A Unique Gap Year Experience for Students with Executive Functioning Disorders

When a student uses Mansfield Hall as a Gap Year experience they have generally made the Mansfield Hall enrollment decision first, but have subsequently applied to, been accepted at, and then deferred enrollment from their college or university of choice. We also have some students who have been accepted at their school of choice – but have concerns about making such a leap independently. We can accommodate these students, and other late-deciders, as space allows.

Many schools will grant a one-year deferral – with the allowance to accrue transferable credits while on a Gap Year without affecting freshman status upon enrollment a year later. This allows students to postpone their autonomous entrance into the college of their dreams, and instead take a year with Mansfield Hall to practice and perfect the skills needed for success at the college level. Likewise, the non-matriculated access to our local colleges ensures that students will be able to take college-level course, prove their college-level skills, and build important real-world confidence – regardless of their application status at local schools.

While traditionalists might argue that anything which involves formal academics is, inherently, not a “Gap Year,” many others would support the notion that Mansfield Hall provides students “a year of experiential learning, generally after high school and before college, focused on building a student’s skills and self awareness.” Additionally, for students who struggle with generalizing skills, practicing college and college-level skills in an authentic collegiate environment can be a critical step in building the confidence needed for a successful transition to independence.

So is Mansfield Hall a Gap Year?

For the right student: Yes!

Give us a call today to learn more about how you can use Mansfield Hall as A Structured Academic Gap Year.

Please Note: It is important to investigate a school’s deferral policy. While many schools offer a very accommodating approach to students accruing and importing transferrable credits on a Gap Year, other schools (ie the California UC/CSU system) immediately reclassifies a student as a Transfer Students – and requires them to re-apply under Transfer Student admissions requirements. We invite you to reach out to our Admissions Office to learn more.