TechConnect is a collaboration between Mansfield Hall-Madison and Herzing University, a Madison-based university. 

TechConnect provides students a unique opportunity to combine cutting edge educational and job-readiness opportunities with comprehensive residential academic, social, and independent living skill support.

Students in the Mansfield Hall-Madison TechConnect program will register for classes in Information Technology (IT) or Software Development with Herzing University, while also benefiting from unique access to Herzing’s Madison campus, a cohort-based academic approach, specialized in-person instruction and tutoring to support their enrollment in Herzing’s online courses, and unique internship and job-readiness training to help them translate their education into employment opportunities post-graduation.

Students will have access to specialized support through the Office of Student Services (when appropriate), and access to Herzing’s nested academic program, which includes a Diploma, Associate, and Bachelor Degree tracks. 

Mansfield Hall-Madison’s TechConnect students will also benefit from Mansfield Hall’s Four Core Approach, which integrates academic, social, and independent living skill support, as well as opportunities to give back and connect to the larger community, in a comprehensive living and learning collegiate community. 

TechConnect not only provides students a cutting-edge education, but also offers multidisciplinary student support, access to internship and job-training opportunities, a vibrant social community, and the ability to build an academic path which leads to employment opportunities after graduation.

For more information about Mansfield Hall-Madison and TechConnect please contact Mansfield Hall.