Our Admission Process

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Mansfield Hall Admissions Process:


The Mansfield Hall Admissions Process has been designed to give families an opportunity to find clarity, certainty, and support throughout the process.  Please review the Admissions Process, and the Important Dates, for a comprehensive description of the process.


Part I – Information Exchange

•  Initial informational exchange with Mansfield Hall.  Please contact our Admissions Office at (877) 205-3785 or [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss if Mansfield Hall can meet your needs.

•  Mansfield Hall reviews testing, transcripts, IEP’s, and other relevant documentation.  For more information about supporting documentation, please click here.

•  Mansfield Hall speaks with 2 – 3 ancillary service providers (i.e. a consultant, teacher, school counselor, coach, etc).

•  A team decision, including the family, student, and Mansfield Hall, is made to move forward into Part II.

Part II – In-person Tour and Interview and Admissions Decision

•  An in-person tour/interview is scheduled for the family and the student.

•  While informal and informational, this tour is designed to help students and families get an in-person understanding of who we are and what we do, and the interview helps us make final evaluations as to student appropriateness and readiness.

•  A preliminary admissions decision is made and shared with the family, usually within 24 hours of the visit.

•  While we strongly prefer in-person/on-site interviews, off-site or Skype interviews can be utilized, if agreed upon by all parties.

While the above steps usually occur in the above order, there may be times when a tour is scheduled before Part I is complete.  In these rare cases, admissions decisions cannot be made until all steps have been completed.

Part III – Enrollment Process

•  The family and student are invited to complete the Application/Enrollment Information Forms via the secure online portal.

•  Once the Application/Enrollment Information Forms are completed and submitted and reviewed a formal acceptance letter is sent, along with an invoice for the non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $2500.  The space is secured upon Mansfield Hall’s receipt of the Enrollment Fee.

•  A target enrollment date is selected.  New students are expected to attend the Bridge to College Summer Orientation, which starts six to seven weeks prior to the Fall Term.  This includes enrolling in the College Readiness course at the local community college and participating in Mansfield Hall orientation programming.  By extending and supporting the transition, students are able to build their comfort with their new environment, and focus on building the relationships which will help carry them through the upcoming year, before the busy fall semester begins.

•  Families who have secured a space will receive ongoing information and support as they prepare for enrollment, including direct support in selecting and signing up for classes, planning the transition, receiving information for local service providers, and other information.

Need assistance or have questions?

Please contact Mansfield Hall staff at (877) 205-3785.

It is the policy of Mansfield Hall to admit and serve all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin or sexual orientation.