Student Profile

Mansfield Hall Students Candids-16Our students have diverse backgrounds, but largely share some similar characteristics. All of our students have the potential for success, but are still working toward improving their adaptive skills for college and independent living. In addition, our students share in the desire to empower themselves through hard work and dedication, and have a little fun too.

This may include students who have learning disabilitieschallenges with executive functioning, mild autism, Asperger’s syndromenonverbal learning disabilitiesattention deficits, and other students with unique characteristics that may pose challenges in the transition to college.

In addition, our students are trending:

  • Ages 17-22
  • Have received a high school diploma.
  • Are college-bound.
  • Enjoy being involved in their community and engaged with peers.
  • Are free of significant behavioral, mental health, or substance challenges.
  • Have career and life goals but need some help to achieve them.

We invite you to call us to learn more about our Student Profile, and to discuss whether Mansfield Hall will be a good fit for you, your family member, or friend – (877) 205-3785.