Mansfield Hall Tuition

Mansfield Hall Students -35Mansfield Hall is a residential academic, social, and transitional living support program for students who are attending college.  Because we value continuity in our community we ask students to commit to a full academic year, and request that all new students attend the Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program.

Tuition for students in the comprehensive residential program is:

  • $27,450 per semester
  • $6,950 for the six-week Bridge to College Summer Orientation
  • $6,100 per month, during the summer, for currently enrolled students who wish to take summer classes or participate in the Internship Program. 

*Please Note: A $2,500 non-refundable Enrollment Fee secures a student’s space, upon acceptance.  This fee is not applied to tuition or deposits.

We provide community-based non-residential transitional support via Connections for students who demonstrate the capability for increased independence only after they complete their residency with us.  

The cost of Connections is:

  • $13,800 per semester for the first two years.
  • $8,100 per semester for any subsequent years.

All Mansfield Hall students begin in residence, and the estimated length of stay in residence is two academic years.

Enrollment Periods:

Bridge To College Summer Orientation: The second week of July – Fall Semester
Fall Semester: August 15 – December 31
Spring Semester: January 1 – May 14
Summer Semesters (by month): May 15th – August 14th

*Please Note: Mansfield Hall does closes for at least two weeks, over the Winter Break.  As our students attend various local colleges and universities their specific start and end dates may vary year to year, but we do ask all incoming students to join us for the Bridge To College Summer Orientation Program.

The comprehensive program includes the following:

  • Apartments and Meals
    Students are placed in a high quality, furnished apartment or dormitory style room within Mansfield Hall. Students are supported within their location and many students have a roommate. Dinners are provided all nights during week at one of our locations, with continental lunch and breakfast foods available daily.
  • 24/7 Support
    Students have access to support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Hall is staffed by numerous members of our team throughout the day and by on-call phone in the evening and overnight.
  • Comprehensive Services
    Students have full access to our in-house comprehensive services, including educational advising, expert tutoring, supportive social environment, wellness services, and life skills instruction.
  • Activities and Events
    Students are actively encouraged to participate in a wide range of Mansfield Hall-sponsored activities, including both community and in-house events.  This robust offering of social activities and opportunities includes both weekday and weekend events.
  • Transportation
    Most students will be expected to commute to their local colleges independently using public transportation. Transportation services are provided on an as-needed basis for recreational activities, group outings, and local errands.

Additional Costs

  • University/College Tuition and Fees
    Students are responsible for paying tuition and fees associated with colleges and universities they are attending. Our team will assist families in enrolling in the appropriate programs, but it is the responsibility of the families to maintain regular payments to the college.
  • Ancillary Services
    Mansfield Hall will help connect students requiring additional services not included in the program costs, such as psychological, speech and language, physical therapy, etc. with our network of affiliated professionals. Some of these services are billable by insurance.
  • Spending Money
    Students are required to have access to a checking/savings account to access spending money, as needed. This money may be needed for supplies, groceries, snacks, recreational activities, etc.
  • College Meal Card Plans
    Although it is not required, students may be interested in signing up for a meal card plan at their local college. Many of these plans can be used at other colleges, local restaurants, and book stores.

There are many opportunities for financial assistance for students with disabilities to pay for college.

Click here to learn about some of these options.