photo: summer outing on lakeEngaging with the community is a crucial aspect of personal growth and authentic social skills development. Mansfield Hall students are encouraged to engage in the many social and recreational activities that our large college community offers.

Photo: studentsAll of our locations are in close proximity to many colleges that provide endless opportunities for campus engagement. This may include intramural and recreational sports, skiing and riding clubs, video game clubs, the arts and dance, outdoor organizations, music events and festivals, and various wellness programs. Many of these colleges also have fitness clubs and students are supported and encouraged to engage in regular physical activity as part of their plan.

Mansfield Hall has a student-led community meeting structure. This weekly event has an agenda determined by the students and teaches the value of community and civic engagement. This time is also is used to plan events, address student issues, communicate with the Program Director, and provide leadership opportunities.

In addition, students can engage in a variety of events through Mansfield Hall. Weekly mindfulness sessions address stress management and positive mental health. These sessions involve yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices. Our Social Communications Specialist also provides weekly groups to help students develop pro-social communication skills to support them in all aspects of the program.