What happens if a student is unable to demonstrate the academic skills and behaviors necessary for college success?

There are many post-secondary academic options available to students to help prepare them for an independent and productive life. If a student is not able to experience success with a traditional academic track, Mansfield Hall can work with the student to explore alternative educational tracks within the realm of Mansfield Hall, or may recommend that… Read more »

What happens when students are ready to live in the college dorms or independently but still may need academic, social, independent life skill supports?

Mansfield Hall’s Connections Program is specifically designed to address the needs of students who have completed the Mansfield Hall residential experience and are ready for the next step in their lives. We offer comprehensive services in the areas of student life and academics in a nonresidential format. This program allows Mansfield Hall to continue to meet… Read more »

Do students have the option of attending another college outside the area after their transition out of Mansfield Hall?

Yes. It is common for Mansfield Hall students to either fully matriculate at one of the colleges in the Mansfield Hall area or transfer to an entirely different location. Mansfield Hall is able to help support students in this process by adding structure to the timely completion of the Common Application and providing writing support… Read more »

How long does it generally take students to earn a college degree?

As we recommend that students take a reduced course load during their first several semesters, students typically do not find themselves on a traditional four-year degree track, though some are able to supplement the reduced course load with summer courses. It is common for students to be in the Mansfield Hall community for one to… Read more »

How do students get to class?

Mansfield Hall is conveniently located to each local college. Students will be within a short walk or a short bus ride from their campus, depending on where they choose to attend classes. Supports will be available to orient students to campus and ensure that they are able to locate their classrooms and arrive to class… Read more »

Do families have regular contact with Mansfield Hall?

Yes.  Mansfield Hall’s director team makes regular contact with families regarding both academic and social progress. Families can generally expect to receive weekly email updates (alternating between the Academic Director and the Director of Student Life), with more regular contact coming at the beginning and end of each semester.  Directors are also be available to answer questions… Read more »

What happens if a student is at risk of failing a class?

If Mansfield Hall determines that a student is at risk of failing one of their courses, the Academic Director will support the student in developing an Academic Action Plan to address these challenges and help students get back on track. In the event that successful completion of a course is determined to be unlikely, the… Read more »

Does Mansfield Hall have supports available for students who struggle with organization and motivation?

Yes. Mansfield Hall facilitates a goal setting process, known as our Pathway to Independence Model, and we are able to support students with organization, structure, and guidance as it relates to making progress toward reaching these goals. In order for students to experience success at Mansfield Hall and in college in general, they must have… Read more »

Does Mansfield Hall have the capability to support students with every subject?

In addition to having Writing Specialists on staff, Mansfield Hall’s academic team follows a coaching model with the intent of supporting students in developing the habits and behaviors necessary for success at the college level. If students require more specific and intensive content area support, Mansfield Hall will support students in connecting to the most… Read more »