Mansfield Hall is located in three of the most iconic college towns in the country. Each location provides the same focus on creating a supportive community, and each location provides the same model of supports, services, and access to a variety of academic options.

Our residences are located in the heart of the undergraduate housing districts, providing students an authentic collegiate experience.

Built on the concept of “The Super Dorm,” Mansfield Hall utilizes the same centralized service delivery model in each location. Our residence halls include student housing, community spaces, study spaces, staff offices, and our own community dining areas, all in one place.

A question we are often asked is, “How did you pick your locations?” When evaluating our locations, we were looking for some common traits in each campus town. First and foremost, we want our students to experience the true college experience, so we identified cities where the campus was the heartbeat of the community. Second, we wanted each location to be pedestrian-friendly, but also with a public transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of our students. Third, we searched for college towns that provided a variety of colleges within close proximity that allow for open-enrollment (i.e. you can take classes before you are accepted). Thus, each location offers a large university, a private college, and a community college. Finally, we searched for towns that had a reputation for progressive ideas and open minds about innovative services for people with disabilities, while providing students with a plethora of community and recreational opportunities. As you will experience, Madison, Burlington, and Eugene meet these requirements entirely.

Nevertheless, each town has its own unique flavor, feel, academic options, and specific reasons to call it home.

Additionally, students who have successfully completed a residential year in one of our 3 locations can consider Connections (non-residential support in one of our 3 locations), as well as our Study Abroad option in Reading, UK.

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