Summer Semester

Summer Student Support Program | Mansfield HallThe Mansfield Hall Summer Semester gives current college students, including those already enrolled in Mansfield Hall, or students who may already have some college experience in another setting, the opportunity to continue developing the skills needed for college success. The program is centered on our guiding principles – learning, living, giving, and engaging. By focusing on each principle, we work with students and their families to develop the requisite skills to be happy, healthy, and successful in college. Read more below for the objectives of the summer program.


Students take courses at a local college or university. Students receive support from our Academic Director and Academic Coaches on college strategies, and develop skills in note-taking, organization, self advocacy, and time management. Students can also receive direct instruction in college writing skills from our Writing Specialists, with a focus on written expression, essay writing, creative writing, and journaling.  A structured and supported study hall is provided throughout the week.


Students will work with our Directors of Student Life and our Student Life Coordinators to develop their skills for cooperative living. Students learn to maintain a healthy environment, develop conflict resolution and communication skills, and other skills needed for independent living. Students will also learn to navigate the community independently and discover the various resources available to them. Finally, students will participate in regular culinary arts instruction to develop skills for cooking healthy food.


To encourage our students to begin to develop a sense of civic responsibility and perspective-taking, students will participate in either a Service Learning Seminar or participate in individual volunteer placements. Throughout this process students will develop authentic skills in time management, planning, collaboration, budgeting, networking, compromising and communication, while having fun giving back to the community. Students may also be able to volunteer in an area of vocational interest though our relationship with local nonprofits.


Now the fun stuff! We believe that engaging in the community is important throughout the year, but we also know the added importance of engaging in the summer. We encourage all of our students to get involved in the recreational and social activities of their choice. This may include sports, interest clubs, dance, sailing clubs, visual arts, hiking groups, etc. In addition, we will also plan weekly adventures around the area. Whether this involves trips to see a minor league baseball game, a hike in the surrounding area, visiting art galleries, fishing in the streams, experiencing live music, or hanging out at the lake, we will make sure there is fun for everyone!