Letter from Our Founder

Perry LaRoqueDear Students and Families,

Students with disabilities often exceed expectations when given the opportunity. Mansfield Hall was inspired from my belief that every person can realize their true potential if provided a supportive and truly inclusive environment.

It has been my privilege to work with people with disabilities for almost twenty years. During this time, I have been an advocate for reforms that recognize disability as diversity. It is my hope that inclusive practices not only be considered standard, but inspire others to truly value differences. To that end, there is no doubt that the benefits of inclusive practices extend equally to all parties involved.

As a college professor and creator of several post-secondary programs for students with disabilities, I recognized a gap in services for students eager to contribute to society, but in need of customized programming. Many programs across the country provide a college experience for students who qualify with an intellectual disability, but they do not offer an actual degree. Additionally, many colleges have expanded support for students with disabilities, however that support is limited to the classroom. Thus, students who have college potential and aspirations, but need holistic support to be successful, are left without services or must rely on their families to bridge the gaps. This is what Mansfield Hall is all about – helping students earn meaningful college degrees and developing the necessary lifestyle skills in a safe, supportive, and caring community.

I believe all students deserve the opportunity to reach for their dreams. At Mansfield Hall, we work to ensure our students have the opportunity to become contributing members of our society and to reach their true potential. Our approach values diversity, inclusiveness, and the integrity of each student. Our multi-faceted, evidence-based program allows students the same opportunity as their fellow classmates to learn, live, give, and engage, so that they can successfully follow their pathway to independence.

Perry's Signature

Perry LaRoque, Ph.D.

President and Founder