Madison Team

Sean LaRoque, Ph.D.

Vice President and Founding Partner

Jake Weld, M.Ed.

Director Admissions and Business Development

Scott Fitzwater, MA, LPC

Assistant Admissions Director

Hayley Weaver, M.S.

Assistant Director - Madison

Ann Rollefson, M.S.

Director - Madison

David Williamson, B.S.

Director of Student Life - Madison

Bridget Fowler, M.A.

Connections Director - Madison

Katelyn Matkin, M.S.

Academic Director - Madison

Paul Hendrickson, B.S.

Community Outreach Director - Madison

Tess Grunke, B.A.

Student Life Coach/Culinary Coach - Madison

Erik Landry, B.S.

Academic Case Manager - Madison

Gabbie Puma, B.A.

Connections Coach - Madison

Patricia Layde, B.A.

Life Skills Coach - Madison

Andrew Kay, Ph.D.

Writing Specialist - Madison

Hannah Klawes, B.A.

Student Life Coach - Madison

Elissa Raduazzo. B.A.

Student Life Coach - Madison

Hailey Schiedermayer, B.S.

Student Life Coach - Madison

Erin Miller, M.S.

Student Life Coach - Madison

Megan McGlauchlen, B.A.

Student Life Coach - Madison

Rachel Brightman

Student Life Coach - Madison

William Shanley, B.S.

Substitute Student Life Coach - Madison

Yasmeena Ougayour, OTS

Coach - Madison

Hailey Miller

Coach - Madison

Isa Haynes, B.A.

Academic Coach - Madison