Bridge To College Summer Orientation Program

Mansfield Hall’s Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program

The Bridge to College Summer Orientation is a comprehensive transition program to help students make the move to college.  Starting in the second week of July, and open only to students who are just starting their Mansfield Hall experience, this cohort forms alongside, and fully integrates with, our currently-enrolled students who are staying with us over the summer and into the upcoming fall term.

photo: smilesThe Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program Offers:

  • –A generalized introduction to Mansfield Hall, so that students can become familiar with their living space, their house / room / apartment- mates, peers, staff, and the town in which they live.  A focus is placed on safely navigating the city, community building, skill building, and creating social connections.
  • –An introduction to Mansfield Hall’s Four Core Areas (Living, Learning, Giving, and Engaging), including introductions to Service Learning, Social Communication, Independent Living Skills and Culinary Instruction, and an introduction to the Pathways to Independence Model, Goal Setting, and Coaching – which is all integral to making the most of the Mansfield Hall experience.
  • –Support during enrollment in the “Introduction to College Studies” course.  Created through a partnership with Mansfield Hall and the local Community College, this introductory college course offers:
    • -A supportive introduction to the college experience on a real college campus
    • -A focus on building college study skills
    • -College course social expectations and etiquette
    • -An introduction to writing college-level papers
    • -Developing tools to support Executive Functioning in the college environment
    • -Developing a “Learner Profile” so that students can understand their areas of academic strengths and weaknesses
    • -An introduction to the accommodations and assistive technologies that Mansfield Hall students can expect to use, once their courses begin in the fall semester
    • -An introduction to self-advocacy in the college environment
  • –Students will have the opportunity to focus on learning and practicing the skills that will support their transition away from home, as well as have time to work through the predictable struggles of their transition, without the added layer of stress related to content-focused course-work.  While students will be engaged in the “Introduction to College Studies” course, this course is focused on generalized collegiate skill-building, rather than core-content, and the entire experience can serve to build a cohesive bridge from home and high school to the fall semester at college.  
  • –A focus on building a cohort-community of incoming students, so that students can have time to build the social connections to both peers and staff which will help buoy them in the upcoming year.
  • –Access to the robust social environment of Mansfield Hall, including a regular schedule of both in-house and in-community activities and events, which will help students develop social connections and provide opportunities for pro-social engagement and in vivo social support.

While the reasons for attending the Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program are many, here are a few of the reasons why Mansfield Hall feels strongly that engaging, and supporting, our incoming students in the summer assists in their transition to Mansfield Hall:

  • –Students who come to us in the summer are simply more, and better, prepared for the Fall Semester than students who arrive in mid-August and then must navigate both the transition to college, a new town, Mansfield Hall, and intensive content-focused course work, all at the same time.  The Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program offers the most supportive, and comprehensive, transition into the entire Mansfield Hall experience.
  • –We highly value community, and the Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program provides students structured access into the social environment, and helps to build a cohort of cohesive and mutually-supportive students.
  • –We recognize that the transition to college can stress our students, and their families, on multiple levels beyond just academics, and the added time to focus on independent living skills, and pro-social engagement, spreads out and reduces the amount of “new things” that our students must integrate all at once, thus resulting in significantly better outcomes over time.  Additionally, this allows valuable time for course-adjustments or other changes to be made for the fall, depending on a student’s summer experience.
  • –This added time in the summer allows for students and staff to focus on developing meaningful relationships, which are the underlying foundation of our coaching model, without the added stress of course and assignment deadlines in content-based classes.
  • –Summer enrollment provides students with an opportunity to get a “a step ahead” of other incoming college students, as students in the Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program are already comfortable with their new hometown well before incoming freshman arrive for the fall semester.  Exploring a new town in the summer is a great way to get the most out of what our locations have to offer.

In addition to students receiving support in the Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program, parents are also able to immediately access the Parent Coach Professionals, who can serve as a valuable resource to help families navigate this important transitional time.  The Parent Coaches are an ancillary, and gratis, support service (all families receive 6 sessions with the Parent Coaches, as a part of enrollment with Mansfield Hall), and their work is in addition to the comprehensive updates and supports available to families through Mansfield Hall’s Academic Directors and Directors of Student Life.

Cost:  $6950, includes full room and board, and all Mansfield Hall supports and services.