Residential College Support

Mansfield Hall Students -42Mansfield Hall’s residential college support program is a comprehensive post-secondary living and learning community for young adults, who with additional individualized support, have the academic potential to be successful in college. We serve students with social communication challenges, executive functioning deficits, mild autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, nonverbal learning disabilities, learning disabilities, and other diverse learning needs that provide challenges to obtaining a college degree independently without supports.

Mansfield Hall provides comprehensive academic and residential services for students interested in attending college and pursuing a pathway to independence, all under one roof in the heart of campus life. Students attend courses at one of the local colleges and are supported by our expert academic team. Residential staff help students develop independent living skills, explore their social and recreational interests, and engage in the community. Mansfield Fellows live side by side with students and provide around the clock modeling and natural supports.

Our team works with each student and family to develop a student-led plan that emphasizes and promotes self-determination. This plan is created around our four core approach—learning, living, giving, and engaging. We work closely with each student to match interests and strengths with appropriate goals. Through a collaborative process, our team works with students and families to monitor, evaluate, and revise these goals throughout a student’s experience.

Cost: $27,450 per semester.  Incoming students are also expected to attend the Bridge to College Summer Orientation.

For additional information regarding costs, please see Mansfield Hall Tuition.

To find out if Mansfield Hall could be right for you, please contact:

Director of Admissions, Jake Weld, M. Ed. (877) 205-3785 or [email protected].