Summer at Mansfield Hall

Summer At Mansfield Hall

There are multiple ways to engage with Mansfield Hall over the summer:waterfront-2

Incoming Students:

Incoming students arrive in early July to attend the Bridge to College Summer Orientation Program, and prepare for the fall semester.

Existing Students:

For students who are already enrolled at Mansfield Hall, the summer offers a great amount of flexibility.  Some students choose to stay through the summer, enroll in a course or two, and continue to build their academic resume.

Other students take a break from traditional classes, but stay enrolled for our Internship Program.  Students who have demonstrated a readiness for a formal internship are given extensive support in applying for an internship with one of our local community partners.  These internships provide students an opportunity to begin to apply and generalize their skills, as well as build their resume, professional, and personal connections.  In addition, students receive college credit through one of the local schools.

Internship placements are structured and selective, and not all are available every year.  Past internships have included partnerships with:

-Fletcher Free Library (working on a project for The Smithsonian Institution)
-GE HealthCare
-Law Firm
-Wood working shop
-Ronald McDonald House
-Screen printing shop

Students can also take a break from college, and Mansfield Hall, and return again in the fall – or a combination of any of the above!  

Currently enrolled students (and families) work closely with the Director of Student Life and Academic Director to create their individualized summer plans.

For questions about Summer at Mansfield Hall, please contact:

Director of Admissions, Jake Weld, M. Ed.

(877) 205-3785 or email [email protected].