Mansfield Hall Students -23All Mansfield Hall students are enrolled in courses offered by a variety of local colleges and universities. Having access to a variety of colleges in the community allows our students with learning disabilities such as ADHD and Asperger’s to find courses, majors, and degrees in a wide range of interests. Students may attend one, or a combination of, colleges throughout their time with Mansfield Hall.

Upon acceptance to Mansfield Hall, the Academic Director, who has advanced training and experience in serving students with unique learning disabilities, will work closely with each student and family to determine the student’s learning goals and create a long-term plan of study. The Academic Director provides individualized case management and direct instruction to support students in building capacity in their academic skills, organizational abilities, and self-advocacy skills.

Additionally, our team of Academic Coaches and Writing Specialists assist students with learning disorders in daily assignments and projects, while helping them develop strategies for accommodating their diverse learning needs. The Mansfield Hall academic team also collaborates closely with each college to develop an individualized accommodation plan for each student and to ensure the student is accessing the on-campus support and services important for continued success.

Academic Support

Students meet with their Academic Director weekly to discuss progress toward their learning goals and plan for upcoming responsibilities and assignments. Additionally, students receive direct instruction from their Academic Director in the academic skill areas necessary for success at the post-secondary level.  The Academic Director coordinates the outcomes of these meetings with our Academic Coaches and Writing Specialists. Academic Directors also maintain regular contact with campus disability services offices and other relevant college staff or departments. Academic Directors assist students in developing relationships with expert specializing in tutoring students with learning disabilities, writing centers, and other academic services.


Students will be scheduled for regular sessions with our team of Academic Coaches and Writing Specialists. Academic Coaches help students plan for, study, and work on assignments and are available in the Hall in the evenings during the week to provide direction and support in a wide range of subject areas. Expert tutors may be individually assigned by specific course topics when necessary.