Student Life at Mansfield Hall centers around helping students make, and enjoy, a successful transition into college and independence.

By focusing on the Four Core Areas of Living, Learning, Giving, and Engaging, students are a part of a community which actively supports and addresses the interrelated domains of independence.

Mansfield Hall’s centralized service delivery model means that our student housing and our ready-made social community is in the same place as our supports, services, staff offices, study and student lounges, and even our own cafe. Our student-centered coaching model is rooted firmly in our accepting, supportive, and empathic community, which provides students not only “a soft landing” in college, but also provides them “a longer runway” to help them build up the successes and confidence for their transition into independence.

By focusing on the Four Core Areas, as well as executive functioning and self advocacy across all domains, students are provided the opportunity to learn how to be successful college students while still actively engaged in an authentic college experience which can continue on a degree-seeking path.

Student Life means different things for different students, as well as the chance to explore new interests, hobbies, and intellectual pursuits. What is universal is that Mansfield Hall students are provided the freedom and autonomy to explore college on their own terms with the confidence that Mansfield Hall’s active academic, social support, and independent living skills is helping them address, internalize, and generalize the skills needed for long-term success.

We hope you will learn more about our Four Core Areas, and give our Admissions Office a call to begin the process of exploring if Mansfield Hall is right for you.