Mansfield Hall students participate in civic engagement through charitable work and giving back to the community. Many of our students have been fortunate to have the support of others throughout their life, and in turn, we believe it is essential for our students to have the opportunity to give back.

With the support of our Community Outreach Director, students explore various volunteer opportunities through group service-learning experiences throughout their first semester, while also participating in a bi-weekly service learning seminar. After their first semester, students are encouraged to identify and pursue a regular volunteer position.

For many of our students, being actively engaged in “giving back” provides the most realistic and direct way to experience and see the world from a perspective outside of their own—a skill that many of our students find beneficial.

We also believe that gaining meaningful vocational experience starts with participation at the volunteer level. We have community resources and volunteer opportunities available in Vermont to further this goal. We tailor a student’s “giving” plan to best prepare them for the world of work upon graduation. Giving is a fundamental aspect of the Mansfield Hall curriculum and is highly emphasized throughout the year.