Mansfield Hall helps students develop independent living skills in our integrated, high-quality residence Hall. Over the course of their enrollment students learn independent living skills such as scheduling, financial management, practical culinary skills, and collaborative-living through active participation in the community.

Mansfield Hall employs dynamic Student Life Coaches to provide direct support, coaching, and mentoring. Under the supervision of the Director of Student Life, these Coaches provide guidance and support throughout a student’s experience at Mansfield Hall.

In addition to Student Life Coaches, a Life Skills Coach works directly with students to provide independent living skills, running errands, or plan social events. Our team is attuned to all of the activities in and around the area and closely monitors the schedule throughout the day in order to support students with executive functioning and time management, when needed. Mansfield Hall utilizes an optimal student to staff ratio to ensure that all students’ needs are met.

Our students learn best through modeling and developing natural supports over time. We also provide structured fellowship opportunities for talented local college students to integrate into student life at Mansfield Hall. The Fellows participate in events and provide natural supports and modeling for students learning independent living skills. This truly diverse community provides lifelong lessons for all of our participating residents.