Aaron Bell, M.A., ChFC, CLTC

Aaron Bell is a partner and chartered financial advisor for a boutique wealth management group named Cannataro Park Avenue Financial within the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.  His office is located in New York, NY where he and his team of staff meet the personal and business planning needs of clients across the country.  A very solutions oriented person, Aaron brings articulation and efficiency to the analytical side of the practice and is delighted to serve in consultant capacity on the board for Mansfield Hall.

He earned his financial designations and credentials from The American College in Philadelphia, concluded his graduate studies in consciousness theory philosophy at the University of Oregon, and completed with honors his undergraduate work in neuro-psychology at Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle.

He is an active member of his community and has an extracurricular résumé that speaks volumes to his lifelong interest in the behavioral development of children, both socially and intellectually, as it leads to economic advantage and independence.