Conner has earned a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Conner has found great enjoyment in supporting students in their academic journeys, which is a skill that he has developed through his years of education and his employment experiences in higher education. Before working at Mansfield Hall, Conner held several student support positions at both Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In these roles, Conner helped students to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes through goal-setting and the fulfillment of plans that were individualized and strengths-basedConner values empowering students to find success in their academics as well as their social participation, hobbies, leisure, and instrumental activities of daily living (housekeeping, shopping, preparing food, etc.). Conner understands that making positive change in these areas is a daunting and difficult process that requires time, effort, and individualized strategies. This is why Conner emphasizes finding systems, routines, and tools that utilize student strengths and elevates their areas-of-growth. Conner is motivated by each of his student’s successes and is dedicated to supporting them with the approaches and pace that works for them. Conner is energized by staying active, spending time outdoors, playing with his dogs, and laughing with his friends and family. On any given weekend, you could find Conner running outside, camping, hiking, kayaking, playing sports, or taking the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood.