Josh grew up near Portland, Oregon, and first came to Eugene in 1999 to study music at the University of Oregon. After bouncing back and forth between Eugene and Portland several times, and spending two years in San Francisco, Josh returned to Eugene in 2015 and has been here ever since. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Josh served as an AmeriCorps member at Lane Community College, where he coordinated a program that supported students in GED and college-prep classes. In 2019, he completed a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy at Portland State University.

Over the last seventeen years, Josh has worked in outdoor recreation, experiential education, and social service. He especially enjoys helping people learn about themselves and developing their abilities to relate compassionately to themselves and others. Josh leads practice groups in Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness and has been meditating regularly for many years.

Josh has long been a fan of living communally. He currently lives in a large house with seven other adults of different ages. Josh enjoys bicycling, singing and playing music, cooking vegetarian meals, watching Star Trek and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and engaging in deep conversations.