Lily is a passionate advocate for social and environmental reform. Her dedication to restorative justice attracted her to the dynamic empowerment mission of Mansfield Hall. She has organized for the VT Ibutwa Initiative, Rights & Democracy VT and Champlain College’s Center for Service and Sustainability while pursuing her undergrad degree in environmental policy. She still volunteers with multiple organizations that prioritize transitioning away from harmful practices towards regenerative methods of producing and consuming.

Her devotion to sustainability has taught her the importance of self care. Finding the balance between time for solitude and community was essential throughout college. Yoga and meditation have helped shape this ongoing experience. Her hope and optimism for future generations has been largely inspired by the wonderful people she has met in Burlington. She loves creating art to convey powerful messages, especially when it relates to activism. Making and listening to music is one of her favorite pastimes. She is excited to connect any residents with local causes that provide folks with opportunities to make positive changes!