Sophia is a proud member of Mansfield Hall, as she will begin her responsibilities as one of the on-site coaches. Sophia has earned her Masters and Licensure in Special Education from The University of Oregon with an emphasis on transition services as well as holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Puget Sound. Her passion for learning has led her to seek out professional opportunities to support individuals towards self-determination and lifelong purpose. Her previous experiences serving as the outreach assistant at the University of Oregon’s Accessibility Education Center and clinical placement at the Community Living Program in 4J’s school district has activated her pedagogical framework when empowering diverse learners to engage with one’s interests within the community. Together she hopes to provide students and families a space to grow their authentic selves.

To recharge, Sophia often finds herself adventuring up Mount Pisgah, devouring local Thai food
eateries, playing scrabble, and snuggling with her quarantine kitten, Pickles.