Each student is registered with their school’s Office of Student Services (the names for this office vary by institution). Students provide a release of information which includes Mansfield Hall, and we are able to help our students secure and access the appropriate accommodations on campus. Typical accommodations include extra time for exams, a quiet exam space, access to course notes, and the use of assistive technology – but accommodations will vary from student to student and are dependent on the institutions review of a student’s testing and paperwork. Although we typically cannot speak directly to professors, our team works closely with the Disability Services office to support students on their college campus.

Additionally, our students meet at least once per week with their Academic Director for academic support and case management. Case management involves a review of course progress and upcoming assignments (including a review of a student’s academic portal), executive functioning planning, task analysis, scaffolding, and chunking of assignments, and the scheduling of additional in-house or ancillary academic supports. Additionally, students are required to attain at least two “progress reports” from their professors to monitor progress throughout the semester.

Students are active in scheduling their Independent Study Time, where they will be expected to work independently on their course assignments, as well as Structured Study Time, which is available five days/week and includes direct support from our Academic Coaches and Writing Instructors. If more intensive support, or content-specific tutoring is required this may be an ancillary charge for out-of-house specialists, but will still be coordinated through the Academic Director.