Since graduating with a BSBA in Finance from Boston University many moons ago, Heather Belcher has specialized in entrepreneurship, government, and non-profit business management. After moving to Vermont, Heather was the accountant for the children’s division of the Vermont Department of Mental Health and for the Vermont office of Disability Determination Services. She then joined the non-profit sector and worked as the development director of Women Helping Battered Women in Burlington, Vermont, and volunteered on several boards. Fourteen years ago, she built Sweet Clover Market, an independent natural foods store in Essex, Vermont specializing in local food and whole carcass meat cutting. Once the store was well established, she started providing fractional CFO services to small businesses in Vermont to share what she had learned with other entrepreneurs and provide peer support. Mansfield Hall quickly became Heather’s favorite client and she joined staff. 

While she specializes in putting out fires at work, she really enjoys preventing them, too. She lives in Essex, Vermont with her partner, her teenage daughter, and two rescue dogs who love to hike and boat.