College Support Program for Students with Disabilities

Mansfield Hall provides personal, professional and customized support to our students with learning differences. The first step in our application process is to call our Admissions Director at (877) 205-3785 or to use the contact form included on this website.  Due to our individualized approach, we spend considerable time getting to know each candidate and their family to ensure our program can meet your needs. We know this is an important decision for your family.

Once we have determined that Mansfield Hall is a good match, we invite you to fill out an application. We request that neuropsychological test results, IEPs, letters of recommendation and additional documentation accompany each inquiry.

Please review our website for a detailed description of our complete Admissions Process and Important Dates.

We appreciate your consideration of Mansfield Hall and will get back to you in a timely manner upon receipt of requests for information.