Mansfield Hall recognizes the key role parents play in their student’s transition to independence. This includes honoring and learning from parents’ previous efforts and insights, helping students gain their own voice of self-determination, developing self-advocacy skills, and assisting families in redefining the nature of their relationship with their increasingly independent young adult.

Our team provides resources, information, regular updates, and is readily available to work with parents throughout the program to support the family as their young adult travels their path to independence.

Additionally, Mansfield Hall has a formal collaboration with Parent Coach Professionals, and newly-enrolled families are provided up to six free sessions with an independent Parent Coach.

The Parent Coach Professionals team is comprised of experienced, highly trained and certified Parent Coaches who are dedicated to ongoing training and development and to providing the highest quality parent coaching and parent education available.   They are well positioned to support families struggling with a myriad of issues and pride themselves on offering personalized parenting solutions. This highly-regarded parent coaching service provides support and consultation with the Mansfield Hall team and is available to work with families to help support their children’s independence.

We look forward to working with you and your family as you navigate your child’s transition to college and independence.