Taking Flight Book Cover

Taking Flight

In Taking Flight: College for Students with Disabilities, Diverse Learners and Their Families, Perry LaRoque, President and Founder of Mansfield Hall, has coalesced his gifts as an educator, administrator, and innovator to create a cohesive, well written, and essential guide for any diverse learner (and their parents/support teams) who seeks higher education.

“Whatever your diverse learning needs, disabilities or potential strengths are, they pale in comparison to the inner drive that is waiting to be tapped that provides you the fortitude to overcome any obstacle that lies in front of you. You must believe that you will fly, you must believe that you were destined to fly, and you need to commit yourself to the pursuit of your flight. You will likely enjoy the view more than others, fly in ways that inspire those who come after you, and share the meaningful flight you create with those around you.” – Perry LaRoque

“The pages are filled with sage wisdom and guidance on virtually every aspect of the experience; from choosing the right program to finding and utilizing support and accommodations, to achieving success – both academically and socially. He tells these stories with humor, empathy and honesty and uses a plethora of definitive examples from the mouths and minds of diverse learners who have lived through and experienced where the reader is about to go.”

Jason Katims, Creator and Executive Producer of Parenthood