Mansfield Hall Connections

CONNECTIONS: Mansfield Hall’s Transition Program

Students who have demonstrated the requisite skills in our residential program to transition to independent living may enroll in Connections, our transition program. This allows students to continue to receive a combination of social, independent living, and academic support as needed on a non-residential basis.

Students are able to live in their own apartments or on their college campus while continuing to receiving our comprehensive services. This transition allows students to ease their way to independence and as they continue to face new challenges and further develop their skills.

Connections Offers:

  • The opportunity to continue college studies, without the need to change schools
  • Real-world independence and a comprehensive support network
  • Continued academic support, executive functioning coaching, and help in navigating real-world independent living skills
  • Continued access to the social network of Mansfield Hall
  • Continued updates for families and other stakeholders, as students make their last steps into full independence

Cost: $13,800/semester (9,200/term in Eugene) for the first two years. $8,100/semester (5,400/term in Eugene) for all subsequent years.